Putorino School

  • Address: 27 Waikare Road, Putorino
  • Postal address: 27 Waikare Road RD 1, Kotemaori 4188
  • Phone: 06-8397336
  • Email: admin@putorino.school.nz
  • Website: www.putorino.school.nz

We are a  small, rural school approximately 50 km from Napier, catering for Years 1-8.                       


Principal                             Vivienne Wallace

Principal Release                Ruth Thomson                                                              

Office Administrator        Denise Walker

Cleaner                              Melissa James

Groundsperson                  Colleen Grant


Pool Attendant                  Kristina O’Grady


It is essential  that you contact the school should your child be absent. A check is conducted each morning  and absences will  be followed up.

If your child will be absent for reasons other than illness, please communicate with the Principal in


Arrival at /Departure from School

Children should not be on the school grounds until 8.30am, and should have left the school grounds by 3 pm.  

All children need to organize their belongings for the school day.

Before you leave your child/ren at school, please check that staff are here. Especially in the winter months, as staff may have traffic delays.

If our school does not have power, we may be unable to open (or may have to close  early) due to Health & Safety reasons (no water = no use of toilets). It is therefore  crucial that we have up to date emergency contact details of people locally.

Beginning School

We have several information booklets for  parents  who have children about to  begin school for the first time.

Please contact the school office if you’d like one.

Behaviour Expectations

We have high behaviour expectations. Our children are expected to behave in an appropriate, responsible manner at all times.

Board of Trustees

Our current Board of Trustees was formed in December 2009. 

Chairperson :                          Rocky Grant

Finance:                                  Ben Mackintosh

Staff Representative:            Denise Walker

Property/Health & Safety:     Michael O’Grady                                      

Ordinary meetings are held twice per term, at school. Members of the public are welcome to attend, but must make contact with the Chairperson and or the Principal at least 24 hours before the meeting, if you wish to  speak on an issue, otherwise the public have no speaking  rights.